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Genetics 375 Legislative Letter - how to put one on. I was...

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619 Langdon St., APT 8 Madison, WI 53703 March 7, 2012 St. Dominic High School 110 Anstice Street Oyster Bay, NY 11771 Attention: Michelle Hancock Dear Ms. Hancock: My name is, and I graduated from St. Dominic High School in 2008. As a student in your Health Education class, I learned a lot of valuable information, such as how to administer CPR and why we should avoid Tobacco and Alcohol abuse. However, there was a major void in the curriculum and I hope this letter will lead you to consider a change. I am currently taking a course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Contemporary Issues in HIV and AIDS prevention. In the course, we are learning basic facts about HIV and AIDS, media and political influences on the virus, counseling, testing, and safer skill building practices. Nowhere during my four years at St. Dominic High School did I learn about sexual health education. I was never taught what a condom can prevent; let alone
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Unformatted text preview: how to put one on. I was never taught what a female condom can prevent; let alone that one even existed. I was never taught what could and could not infect me with HIV, let alone the fact that someone in the United States gets HIV once every 9 and a half minutes! That means at least 5 people will get the virus in America every time you teach one of your 48-minute Health Education classes! I am writing, and urging you to do, is consider adding sexual health education to your curriculum. In my opinion, the teachers at St. Dominics are crazy to think that their students are not out there experimenting with sexual activities. Just think about all the lives you can save by merely teaching the students of St. Dominic High School about safe sex. 5 people will get the virus in America every time you teach a class period! Think about that. Sincerely,...
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