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MHR 441 Memo1 - Now I know how to make more user-friendly...

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Dylan Abruscato Interim Training Memo #1 Last week, I took the 5-hour WordPress course online, in two intervals. I wanted to take the WordPress course first, because I have always been fascinated with blogging. There have been many times where I have felt compelled to share my ideas with the world, and after learning WordPress, I am now finally be able to put those ideas out there with my own blog. The course was offered online, through Lynda.com, and featured 17 sections to go along with an introduction and conclusion to the course. The most beneficial section, in my opinion, was entitled “Getting Readers.” After the first few hours of the course, I would have been able to start my own blog, but getting people to actually log on and read my ideas is something that I would like to perfect.
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Unformatted text preview: Now, I know how to make more user-friendly permalinks and how to set up and write good content to get more readers. This training opened up new options for my entrepreneurial projects. Whether I choose to pursue my first, second, or third option in my Dream Manifesto, I will now be able to incorporate a website with the ideas themselves. In addition, I will now be able to create a blog, or virtual journal, to keep track of my ideas and inventions. It will be like Thomas Edison’s journal, except online. The next course I plan on taking is the online course in SEO. Now that I know how to create a blog for my ideas, I will want to know how to improve its visibility in search engines. The 2-hour SEO course will help me with that....
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