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MHR 441 Memo2 - ineffective keyword phrases and most...

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Dylan Abruscato Interim Training Memo #2 Last week, I took the 2-hour and 20 minute SEO course online. I wanted to take the SEO course second, because now that I know how to make a blog, I wanted to learn how to improve its visibility in search engines. I have always wondered why some websites, as opposed to others, have greater visibility in search engines. Now, I know how to use Google’s PageRank, how to link popularity, how to connect with social media, and how to decipher between good and bad content. The course was offered online, through Lynda.com, and featured 9 sections. The most beneficial section, in my opinion, was entitled “Keyword Phrases: The Cornerstone of an SEO Program.” After the first section of the course, I understood what SEO was and how to use it, but getting people to actually search and find my blog was something that I wanted to perfect. Now, I know how to perform keyword research, winnow out
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Unformatted text preview: ineffective keyword phrases, and most importantly find keyword gems. This training opened up even more options for my entrepreneurial projects. Whether I choose to pursue my first, second, or third option in my Dream Manifesto, I will now be able to incorporate a website with the ideas themselves. In addition, I will now be able to use the aforementioned techniques to bring people to my website. Like I said in my first memo, my blog might be a way to keep track of my ideas and inventions. Now, with my SEO knowledge, I will be able to structure my site in such a way that will be beneficial to me on search engines. This month, I plan on taking the remaining two courses at DoIT. I plan on taking the HTML course because after making my blog, I will want my own web page for my ideas and then, I will complete my fourth and final course at DoIT, in CSS....
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