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MHR 441_InitialTrainingProposal

MHR 441_InitialTrainingProposal - Dylan Abruscato Initial...

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Dylan Abruscato Initial Training Proposal I would place myself in Category A, because I am not familiar with the four areas of this assignment. I am not in any other entrepreneurship courses so I plan on taking two courses (HTML and CSS) with DoIT and two courses (WordPress and SEO) online, through Lynda.com. I want to take the WordPress course first, because I have always been fascinated with blogging. There have been many times where I have felt compelled to share my ideas with the world, and after learning WordPress, I will finally be able to put those ideas out there with my own blog. I am going to take the 5-hour WordPress course online, in two intervals in September. Then, in October, I plan on taking the
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