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MHR 441PatentTrademarkSearchAssignment - Dylan Abruscato...

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Dylan Abruscato 10/24/2011 Patent and Trademark Search Assignment MHR 441 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of patents? What do these advantages and disadvantages suggest about the use of patents as part of your technology strategy? What can and can’t be patented? What keeps some inventions from being patented? Patents can be an important barrier to imitation and a powerful mechanism to capture the returns to innovation. They also help companies use the legal system to protect their intellectual property and gives control over other firms in their value chain. They also have some disadvantages. Patents are not always effective at deterring imitation. Sometimes others can invent around your patents. Finally, patents are not very useful when proving that others have infringed your patent. The following are examples of things that can be patented: novel, non- obvious, and useful processes, machines, articles of manufacture, composition of matter, or an improvement of any of the aforementioned items. Laws of nature, physical phenomena, abstract ideas, literary and artistic works, cannot be patented. If an invention is considered not useful or possible by the USPTO, or offensive to public morality, it is kept from being patented. 2. What are the different parts of a patent? What purpose do they serve? Patents have two key parts. The first part is the specification and the second part is the claims. The specification is a description of how the invention works, and may include accompanying illustrations. The specification is what you must trade off in return for the monopoly right that you receive. Its purpose is to allow those skilled in the relevant technical area to reproduce your invention.
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MHR 441PatentTrademarkSearchAssignment - Dylan Abruscato...

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