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Starter - Dylan Abruscato Two Truths and a Lie Target Age...

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Dylan Abruscato 2/14/2012 Two Truths and a Lie Target Age Group: 6 th -12 th Grade Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to get to know your classmates a little more. In my opinion, this is the most fun Ice Breaker, as people tend to reveal things about themselves that no one already knew (otherwise, it would be easy to guess the “Lie”). In Ice Breaker starters, such as this one, classmates can dig a little deeper, find out more about each other, and make the classroom a more open environment that can make everyone feel relaxed and honest with one another. Materials: The materials for this starter are merely just yourself and your facts. Procedure: As the leader of this starter, I will give the directions and instruct the students to sit around in a circle. I will briefly explain the purpose of this starter, how it should be done, and whom it is targeted for. One by one, starting with me, we will go around and say three facts about ourselves, one of which will not be true.
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