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Discuss the positive and negative aspects of using JIT inventory. Positives: - Helps prevent over-production. - Reduces capital that a company may otherwise have tied up in stock. - Reduces much of the need for warehouse space, allowing a company to use their space more efficiently. - Help eliminate waste. Negatives: - Reliance on suppliers. If a part or resource isn't available at that time, the company won't be able to produce, meaning they won't be able to fill orders. - Initial implementation will require a great deal of time and money.
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Unformatted text preview: If your company implemented a JIT inventory system, what would the effects likely be on the company's carrying costs, shortage costs, and operating cycle? Carrying costs – Because the inventory is reduced or eliminated, the carrying costs would be dramatically lowered. Shortage costs – Expenses can expect to increase when the suppliers pass on their shortage costs to my company. Operating cycle – Assuming that all other factors stay the same, the reduced time a product stays in inventory will reduce the operating cycle....
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