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William Haire SB211_01 Prof. Harrigan 17 February Executive Summary Paradise Kitchen, Inc was started to develop and market Howlin’ Coyote Chili, a unique line of single serve, microwaveable, premium-quality, authentic Southwestern/Mexican chili products. The mission is to market lines of high-quality Southwestern/Mexican food products at premium prices to fast-growing food segments while providing career opportunities and above-average returns to stockholders. Working closely with key suppliers and distributors will build relationships and alliances necessary to satisfy the high taste standards of customers. Paradise Kitchen’s internal strengths include an experienced management team, excellent acceptance of its lines in three metropolitan markets, and a strong manufacturing & distribution system. External strengths include an increasing appeal of Southwestern/Mexican foods, strengths of the upscale markets, and technological breakthroughs in food processing. Buyers of Paradise Kitchen products are generally between the ages of 25 and 54 and live in the
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