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Problem set 8a questions

Problem set 8a questions - 1 One strategy for genetically...

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1. One strategy for genetically engineering insect pests to reduce disease transmission is to use under dominance to drive genes into the pest population. One aspect of this strategy is deciding what kind of release to use. A release can be high level (number of individuals released roughly equal to natural population size), or low level (number of individuals released a small fraction oaf natural population size). Which of the following release strategies is most appropriate for this strategy?. A. A single low-level a are ease B. Many low-level releases over a number of years C. A single a high-levels release D. Many high-level releases over a number of years 2. As we saw in class, all living humans trace their maternal ancestry back to a single common maternal ancestor termed "Maternal Eve". What this means is that if we trace your mother back to her mother (your grandmother) and back to your grand mother's mother, then to her mother, etc., you will eventually trace back to the Mitochondrial Eve.
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