exam_des - trix being invertible complex arithmetic complex...

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Final Exam Description Math 152, Spring 2009 General Details: Monday, April 20, 8:30 The location depends on your section: SRC A: section 206 and 208 SRC B: section 202 and 207 SRC C: section 203 and 205 Attend the section in which you are registered The exam is common to all sections. Term test marks for a section or groups of sections may be scaled to those sections’ averages on the final exam. Worth 45% of your final mark Format: No calculators, No notes Two parts: part A: 30 short questions, worth 1 mark each part B: 6 long questions, worth 5 marks each total 60 marks
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Material: Theory: vectors, vector addition and scalar multipli- cation, lines and planes in 2D and 3D, geometry of solutions to linear systems, linear dependence and in- dependence, homogeneous systems, rank, linear trans- formations, matrix representation and composition of linear transformations, equivalent statements to a ma-
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Unformatted text preview: trix being invertible, complex arithmetic, complex ex-ponential, polar representation of complex numbers. • Techniques: lengths, dot product, projections, deter-minants, cross products, solving linear systems with Gaussian Elimination and Backward Substitution, MAT-LAB, matrix multiplication, rotations and projections and reflections in 2D, loop currents in electrical circuits, matrix transpose, matrix inverses, complex linear sys-tems, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, matrix power times vector using eigenanalysis, solutions of linear DEs using eigenanalysis. • Applications: rotational motion, electrical networks, and random walks. Details: • Assignments #1-13. • MATLAB commands from labs #1 to #6. • Online notes, all five chapters (not including “addi-tional material”). • Material not covered: computer graphics, least squares problems, elementary matrices....
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exam_des - trix being invertible complex arithmetic complex...

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