intro conclusion2 - In the world we live in today there are...

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In the world we live in today there are only a few occurrences that Americans can count on, inflation, debt, taxes, and minimal cost of living adjustments. If I were the chairperson of the broad or an extreme Republican I may be inclined to agree and vote for the end of employee pension forever; however, I am from a hardworking lower middle class family and to assume that an American can maintain his or her lifestyle dependent on Social Security retirement benefits is ridiculous. In the United Sates, I would advise all young working Americans to think ahead and commit there selves to planning earlier than suggested in yesteryear for how they would like to spend their retirements, barely possessing enough to “make ends meet” or live comfortably enough to travel the world sightseeing. Social Security has proven to be a vital asset for many senior citizens over the years however such benefits should not be considered as a way for hardworking elder Americans to spend the years of retirement. As of May 6, 2011 the maximum benefit for a retired citizen is about $2366 Per month, and the Social Security Administration(SSA) determines the amount on a case by case-basis with several factors to calculate each person’s monthly payout. The average monthly benefit is $1777 and does not exceed $2366. This is a considerate amount of per month, however (Bill Text 112th Congress (2011-2012) H.RES.365.IH) from The Library Of Congress states “In 2009 nearly half of the people in the United States had approximately $3300 in credit debt a month and the average monthly mortgage rates are $1000 per month”, which does not
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intro conclusion2 - In the world we live in today there are...

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