wk 9 assign - Part 1 As a reporter of X (unknown) news...

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Part 1 As a reporter of X (unknown) news station I have am under oath to myself and the public, with that said I will not sell any story short Michael Jackson’s trail, Beyoncé’s pregnancy with husband Jay Z, the NBA lockout and the plans Presidents has unveiled in the last month. Needless to say I am not here to entertain, or humor the masses, I am here to inform the public of anything worth reporting not to take anything anyway from the guy with 9 9 9 tax plan, which sounds more like valve menu however my segment is not about politics at the moment. In this great land of freedom of speech the public demand news to be accurate, bias and most of all interesting. As I mentioned I will not shy away from any story especially more so now that the internet bloggers hold no punches and will break any story on a dime notice. We have become more aware of this trend and we have set up groups personal responsible for checking the facts behind some of the stories you may see on some blog or on Facebook. There is nothing waste than a story coming from the wrong angle and viewers and readers alike are often misled by the stories perceived to be news and are closer to being tabloid material or worst. I would never dare to add my own personal feelings toward what I report I base all findings on the facts and would have it no other way. I am telling you this because at the moment the parent company of the station may be
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wk 9 assign - Part 1 As a reporter of X (unknown) news...

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