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I have looked at both edition my outline and what I would call a running start in comparisons to where I am now on my paper I believe I have done much of what I have sat out to do. There are a few instances in the essay where there may be need to compare and contrast mainly the most noticeable example provided in my essay is the differences between races, tax bracket and employment choice, there may be more however I am a bit confused as to what I should be doing and I will try my best to meet the requires. I have entered in some statistic to give people a clear picture of what people are making and spending from the lowest weekly earnings to the highest, the reason for this so that readers can identify and put the shoe on so to say. A major point I made was to incorporate NYC rents
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Unformatted text preview: and wages, being that New York has one of the biggest populations in the country, and it allows you to see the big picture and as time goes on the small cities of the US will begin to expand. Inflation rates will raise rents and mortgages will rise and if all of these residents are to solely live on one source of income the homeless rates will be made of elderly senior citizens. This is some of the information I begin to notice as was going through my outline and this will surely help for measure of compare and contrast to some degree while other are merely to provide an example based on factual reports....
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