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PHI 105 Week 1 Day 5 Assignment CheckPoint: Pre-Socratic Philosophers The pre-Socratic philosopher that I felt had the most compelling ideas was Heraclitus. In particular his theories that reality (of all things) is ceaselessly changing intrigues me and is something I have always believed in. Heraclitus believed that "you cannot step into the same river twice" (since the water in the river is not the same water from day to day) and believed this philosophy about everything. No one person can be the same from today to tomorrow hence the person is changing each day. While I cannot say that I believe his theory that the Earth is founded on fire, since fire is an ever changing element, I do believe that reality is constantly changing. My reality of today, doing this assignment, will not be my reality of tomorrow because I would
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Unformatted text preview: have already done this assignment and learned these theories and therefore will knowledge I have already acquired as opposed to knowledge I will acquire. We can also apply this to something as simple as a thunderstorm that passes through my area. Right now the sky is blue, a breeze is blowing and my trees are blooming for the coming Summer. Let's say that tonight, as I sleep a storm blows through with heavy rain and wind. Tomorrow I wake up and see the blue sky however, my trees that were blooming are not missing some of the green leaves and blooms due to the storm. My reality has just changed, as I am no longer seeing and experiencing the same thing I did the day before. So, yes I do believe that reality is ceaselessly changing just as Heraclitus did....
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