PHI 105 Week 2 Day 2 Assignment DQ 1

PHI 105 Week 2 Day 2 Assignment DQ 1 - then rationalized...

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PHI 105 Week 2 Day 2 Assignment: DQ 1      I would have to say that Arthur Schopenhauer caught my attention the most in the way I see the world  (and the people in it). He stated "human beings are rarely rational in their decisions" and are "blindly driven by  will to pursue selfish desires". These statements intrigued me because I, too, believe them to be true. I can see  his theories in everyday life, everywhere. Think about it folks -- who has not bought that expensive purse or  pair of shoes ( Ladies ) or that expensive, new electronic toy or golf club ( Guys ), and knew they shouldn't and 
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Unformatted text preview: then rationalized it (weakly) later to make you feel better? I know I have, and that's exactly what Schopenhauer is talking about. I also agree that we do get to know our character by the decisions we make. If I feel guilty most of the time because of decisions I have made, I must not feel great about my character. But if I rarely feel guilty about my decisions I will feel better about my character. Does this make sense to any of you ?...
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