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PHI 105 Week 4 Day 2 Assignment DQ 1

PHI 105 Week 4 Day 2 Assignment DQ 1 - shows they used poor...

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PHI 105 Week 4 Day 2 Assignment: DQ 1 I would have to say that I do not believe that there is a connection between a person’s moral character and their habits. A person who exhibits a bad habit does not automatically have poor moral character. As an example; I believe that one of the worst habits someone can have is smoking. If a person smokes, this is not a determination that they also are of poor moral character. It just
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Unformatted text preview: shows they used poor judgment in starting the bad habit. On the other hand, a person who has no bad habits could turn out to be a mass murderer. This would clearly prove that they have poor moral character. I have to believe that habits are objective overall....
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