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PHI 105 Week 4 Day 4 Assignment DQ 2

PHI 105 Week 4 Day 4 Assignment DQ 2 - all intelligent...

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PHI 105 Week 4 Day 4 Assignment : DQ 2 I’m not sure if there happens to be a connection between political activism and a person’s moral character, though I do believe that there should be. I also have to say that I believe there should be a strong link between a person’s political activity and good moral character. I believe that the two should go hand in hand without question. Unfortunately, we all know that the do not always work out this way. During election time, regardless of which political position it is dealing with, we always hear good things and not so good things about the candidates. The negative comments are normally used to get us to question that person’s morals. This is known as mudslinging. I hope that we are
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Unformatted text preview: all intelligent enough to realize we can not always believe what we hear and need to ascertain the worthiness of it for ourselves. I would guess that each of us likes to believe that our world leaders exercise the greatest of moral character as they represent each of us. We have put our trust in these people and we need to know that our trust was not misplaced. We all know from past experiences with our leaders that this is not always the case. I guess we have to remember that they are only human and will make mistakes just as the rest of us. We have to believe that they will use their best judgment on our behalf....
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