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PHI 105 Week 5 Day 3 Assignment Moral Character

PHI 105 Week 5 Day 3 Assignment Moral Character - consider...

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PHI 105 Week 5 Day 3 Assignment: Moral Character Viewpoints I would have to say that most of my group determined that there is no correlation between a person’s moral character and a person’s habits. Most people have some form of habit if they really think about it. Some examples would be; cracking your knuckles, chewing gum, taping their fingers on something, and biting their nails. These are all habits but most would not label them as “bad”. They fall under the category of habits because most of us do them without any conscious thought that we are doing them. I think my group, for the most part, would agree that any of these habits would not have any effect on a person’s moral character. We did have some different thought that there could be a slight correlation between a person’s moral character and their habits. The thought was stated that if someone displays what we would
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Unformatted text preview: consider a “bad” habit in public, then it could be a sign of poor moral character because this person chooses to do something which they know is unacceptable by most people. The example I used of what most people would consider a “bad” habit would be smoking. It is becoming less acceptable in today’s society. Hence, all of the non smoking public areas out there now such as most restaurants. I still have to say that even though smoking is looked at as a negative habit, I still do not believe it is any indication of a person having poor moral character. I do not believe that a person’s habits should define their character in any way. I would say that mine and most of my group’s thinking tends to be toward modern thinking and just a couple that do not agree tend to be more traditional in there thought....
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