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PHI 105 Week 8 Day 2 Assignment DQ 1

PHI 105 Week 8 Day 2 Assignment DQ 1 - injustice This...

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PHI 105 Week 8 Day 2 Assignment: DQ 1 Post colonial thinkers believe that studying philosophy is important in the pursuit of justice as they feel that a direct appeals approach brings about little to no changes. Arriving at a just conclusion was most important. They believe that an education in philosophy is necessary and not optional. This belief comes from their feeling that this type of education is the best for making people aware of the results of their choices whether good or bad. This is believed to hold especially true with struggling nations. Most of the people in these struggling nations, all over the world, have been victim to
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Unformatted text preview: injustice. This injustice comes from others profiting from the fruits of their labors. An example would be; local colonies of people produce a product or a raw material/desired resource. For which they are paid a low wage, this product or resource is then sold on the international market to another country for a much higher price, of which, none of this profit filters back to the colonies which produced it. This causes them to live at poverty levels, and the sad part is that this injustice is being done to them by their own countries....
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