PHI 105 Week 8 Day 3 Assignment Final Project Outline (Is there a God) with Speaker's Notes

PHI 105 Week 8 Day 3 Assignment Final Project Outline (Is there a God) with Speaker's Notes

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Outline Is There a God? I. Introduction a. Speaker notes: This is the one question which has perplexed man the most throughout time. This most likely was one of man’s first questions and it still has not been answered to this day. I do not believe that any other question in our history has caused people to react as passionately or as violently. It has turned family members against each other and wars have been fought by its debate. I foresee this trend continuing through out our existence on this planet as man will never be able to answer this question nor will we ever come to an agreement as a whole. II. Is there a God? a. Is there irrevocable proof that God exists or does not? b. Is what we label God the same for everyone? Speaker notes: As debated as these questions have been, we have to except the very truth which is, “No” no one has ever been able to prove if God does or does not exist. There are those who would claim that you have to take it on faith that God does exist yet the same holds true for those who take it on faith that there is no God. Again, neither can prove or disprove the other. If God does exist, we most certainly can answer that the same God does not exist for everyone in the world. There is Buddha, Mohammed, and the Christian God, there are regional Gods such as; Norse, Celtic, African, Hindu, American Indian, and Pagan to just name a few. Is there only one God? Some claim yes, while others claim there are several God’s. Can anyone prove that their God is the one true God? No, they can not and here in lays the problem of this topic. There are so many theories out there that one could spend a life time studying them all and still have no solid answer. III. How do we classify God? a. Is God a living being?
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b. Is God a spirit or element? c. Is God nothing more than a thought or a feeling? d. Is God Male or Female? Speaker notes: Some believe that you could become God like by performing certain deeds or having certain attributes. Most of these have to do with self- sacrifice for the betterment of mankind. I would say that all have to do with showing compassion towards your fellow man. Christians believe that God was once human. I believe they are confusing Jesus with God in this case. I believe that Jesus was a prophet during his time. I do not believe that he was the son of God as Christianity claims. How could any of them know? Again, we run across something which can not be proven. We are told to take it on faith or that it is true because the bible says so. I have to admit that I find it irrational that so many people have and still do, live their lives by what a book dictates. We are told that the bible is the word of God. Says who, can it be proven? The most common bible used is the King James Version. As the name states, this is King James Version of how he interpreted the bible. During his time he would have hired a scribe to write this book. The scribe would have been paid by King James for doing this. Do you believe that King James did not have the bible written according to the
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PHI 105 Week 8 Day 3 Assignment Final Project Outline (Is there a God) with Speaker's Notes

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