PHI 105 Week 9 Day 3 Assignment Capstone

PHI 105 Week 9 Day 3 Assignment Capstone - PHI 105 Week 9...

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PHI 105 Week 9 Day 3 Assignment: Capstone I have found it interesting to see how some of our most famous philosophers in history have either tried to prove to the populace of the world the existence of God or the non-existence of God. There have been some thought provoking theories and ideas presented and there have been others that were not so much. To say that something exists just because it has to leaves to many unanswered questions for me. I like to believe that I have faith but I find it hard to except things on blind faith. My faith is based on things I have seen and experienced. I believe that when your faith is based as mine, it is easier to believe and to have faith. I can except on faith that after looking at all of the wonders of nature around me, by stopping to think how could man come up with the design for any living thing I have seen and make it work, I have to believe that there is a greater power then man which must have created all of this. I have always felt this way. I do not believe that it is the Christian “God” or Jesus, Moses, or
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