1_30_08 - 1/30/08 Idealism <-Realism | \ / | \ Neorealism |...

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1/30/08 Idealism <--- Realism | \ / | \ Neorealism | Neoliberal Institutionalism Feminism Constructivism Post-Modernism Realist: State as a unitary actor for nat’l self-interest Foreign Policy doesn’t necessarily rep. nat’l interest Individual Leadership: to what degree the personalities of leaders impact their decisions - Doctrines (Monroe, Containment, Clinton, Bush) - Information screening, Cognitive Dissonance, selective perceptions - Psych impacts of leadership: Paranoia in dictators, Wilson’s stroke in office Foreign Office (State Department): uses diplomacy to implement policies/represent US - Advance human rights, promote nat’l interest, rep. US abroad, etc - Policy evaluation & formulation - Intelligence gathering/analysis - Focus on diplomacy before military o Negotiation o Representations o Daily Relations Types of Diplomacy - Conference: Geneva, Kyoto, Doha (WTO) o Sponsored by/turn into int’l org. -
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1_30_08 - 1/30/08 Idealism <-Realism | \ / | \ Neorealism |...

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