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PSY201 week 5 assignment - c Intuition d Cognitive...

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Axia College Material Appendix C Piaget Worksheet Directions: Review Module 26 of Psychology and Your Life . Complete the matrix below and answer the questions that follow. Cognitive Stage Age Range Major Characteristics Sensorimotor Birth to two years. Development of object performance, motor skills, and there is not much comprehension of symbolic representation. Preoperational Two years to seven years. A development of language and symbolic thinking and egocentric thinking. Concrete Operational Mastery Seven years to twelve years. Development of conservation and concept reversibility. Formal Operational Twelve years to adulthood. The development of logical and abstract thinking. 1. This is the awareness that objects and people continue to exist, even if they are out of sight. a. Recognition b. Object permanence
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Unformatted text preview: c. Intuition d. Cognitive development 2. During this stage, motor skills are developed; however, there is little or no capacity for symbolic representation. a. Formal operational b. Concrete operational mastery c. Sensorimotor d. Preoperational 3. This is the term for when children view the world from only their perspective. a. Egocentric thought b. Conceited c. Metacognition d. Self-esteem 4. The knowledge that quantity is unrelated to the arrangement and physical appearance of objects. a. Principle of conservation b. Zone of proximal development c. Mass d. Formal operational stage 5. This term involves the planning, monitoring, and revising of cognitive strategies. a. Authoritative b. Principle of conservation c. Metacognition d. Information processing...
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