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PSY201 week 7 assignment - types then the ones that are...

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I do not feel that my results were accurate, but this is because I saw that before my score it says that my score is age adjusted. I feel that intelligence is intelligence and that age should not matter in this regard. Although I do feel that the questions that were asked could indicant the types of things that a person could use to analyze their intelligence. Consider that a young person in high school who is taking this test has not had the chance for higher education or much life experience. This is why it is age adjusted. I do not believe that I have found anything within the test that could or does show anything bias, but that is a personal opinion. Others who look at this could find certain things to be biased. When thinking of tests like this I believe that a person looking at the test results and seeing the intelligence score that it is not fully accurate. A person will have more knowledge
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Unformatted text preview: types then the ones that are listed within the test. Do you think this test is age, gender or culture biased? For myself I would not like these types of scores to be used to compare me to another person. How would you feel about having your scores compared strictly for research purposes? In order to evaluate a persons intelligence level, there must be something to compare to. I say this because for this test alone I did not really take my time because I knew that the test would be graded within fifteen minutes so I did not want to have unanswered questions. While these questions do not ask about other types of knowledge that a person could have. So I feel that by using this type of scoring for intelligence would not be a fully accurate rating of the persons intelligence. This is exactly the point in Gardners Theory of Multiple Intelligences....
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