PSY201 week 9 dqs - Week 9 dq 1

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Week 9 dq 1 Post a 150- to 300-word response to the following discussion question by clicking on Reply:  You have been exposed to previous information in your prior courses relating to stress management. What are  some ways people cope with stress? Refer to p. 505 of Psychology and Your Life. What is the difference  between emotion-focused coping and problem-focused coping? Personally have been expose to subjects relating to stress in previous course such as the Introduction to University Studies also in a manner that course in a that course took time to examine personality. In addition, in everyday live, if not all can live without stress that would be great and everyone would be happier. Some methods include coping with stress is smoking, biting fingernails, and pacing or walking around in a certain area. Other dangerous methods are abusing drugs, alcohol, and ignoring medical advice. The difference between emotion-focused coping and problem-focused coping is with emotion an individual seeks sympathy from others to find possibly finding a bright side to the situation. In emotion-focused coping, an individual may hold back possible feeling that others not know immediately what he or she is feeling for the reason the individual may not want to possibly laugh or cry around another person at the time. With, problem-focused coping, an individual is preparing for the worse to happen and starts to make plans such as looking for other employment, living establishment, or changing primary care physician. Which all in itself can become very stressful for knowing new co-workers, new
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PSY201 week 9 dqs - Week 9 dq 1

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