PSY 375 - PSY 375 Life Span Human Development *Please be...

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PSY 375 Life Span Human Development *Please be sure to use this tutorial as a guide only. Do not plagiarize and do not resell as your own work. If you have any questions or problems with the tutorial please get a hold of me before leaving any negative feedback and I will resolve the issue. If you have trouble opening or viewing the files please contact me and I will fix the problem as soon as I can. Sometimes instructors change the syllabus so if the material does not match your syllabus please let me know. If I do not respond right away please be patient, I do have a full-time job and I try to check my messages once a day. Thanks and good luck!!! :-) Page 1 of 1 PSY375r3
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PSY 375 Life Span Human Development University of Phoenix Material Developmental Stages Matrix Developmental Stage Physical changes Cognitive changes Socioemotional changes Infancy Rapid increase in height and weight Gross motor skills improve Head circumference increases to accommodate brain development. Driven towards a goal by accommodation and coordination of reflexes Active exploration through experimenting Anticipate solving problems Speak in full sentences Responding to people and objects Social awareness heightens Emotionally responsive to familiar people or strangers Self-awareness improves Learns synchrony, attachment and independence. Early Childhood Baby fat turns to muscles and lower body lengthens Small appetite and now start to become very picky eater Growth is now steady and body becomes proportionately thinner Dramatic improvement in gross motor skills Very talkative and ask a lot of questions Very curious and observant Self-centered in thoughts Vocabulary becomes more developed and discuss anything Emotions are regulated and controlled More attuned to past experiences More confidence and independence is shown Self-motivated Middle Childhood This is the age between 8 and 11 years old. Growth spurts occur in this stage of development, a rise in weight and height occurs intermittently. Muscular development occurs as well, the child’s larger muscles are more matured than smaller ones and they have the capacity to run extended distances, They are able to throw a ball and catch it. Their gross motor skills are more refined than the fine ones as well. At this stage there is a fast
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PSY 375 - PSY 375 Life Span Human Development *Please be...

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