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SCI 230 Week 4 Day 4 DISCUSSION QUESTION: 2 Choose a chromosomal disorder from the March of Dimes Foundation Web site. - Post your response to the following: - Identify the disorder and explain how it is expressed in a person and inherited. - If you were the parent of a child with this disorder, with which question would you be most concerned? How would you find the answer to your question? - Discuss any personal experiences or news articles related to the disorder. ANSWER I choose the Cri-du-chat syndrome chromosomal disorder. This disorder is caused by deletion of chromosome number 5. In an infant it is expressed by a high-pitched cat-like crying. Other features are mental retardation and physical abnormalities. As a parent of a child with this disorder I would be most concerned with my child’s longevity. What would their life expectancy be? I would also be concerned with what type of life could
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Unformatted text preview: they expect to have as they grew older. I would talk to spet who deals with children who have this disorder. I would also try to find support groups for families with children having this disorder. I would also conduct my own research on the internet researching case studies and medical journals dealing with this. Researchers state that children with Cri-du-chat syndrome can lead “happy and fulfilling lives as valued members of their families and communities.” (cri-du-chat support group of Australia) There can be different degrees from mild to severe depending on how much of chromosome number 5 is missing. References Retrieved on September 10, 2009 Retrieved on September 10, 2009...
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