SCI 230 Week 6 Checkpoint - Patterns of Evolution

SCI 230 Week 6 Checkpoint - Patterns of Evolution - SCI 230...

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SCI 230 Week 6 Day 5 Checkpoint: Patterns of Evolution Yes, I believe that Humans are subject to the same pressures of natural selection as other organisms. I believe this to be true based on the theory of evolution. If you consider the way in which humans have adapted or evolved in regards to the demands of their environments. Humans do have advantages which other organisms do not. Some examples of these would be: We have greater mobility than any other organism. We can hope in a car, boat, or plane and move to a different environment if we do not like the one we are currently in. We also have better ways of dealing with changes in our environments. If we get cold we can put on more clothing and if we get to hot we can put on less. We also have the advantages of mechanical heating and cooling which allows us to create artificial environments to our own comfort levels. These things have not always been available for humans though and we still have found ways to survive. As much as humans have evolved at this point and time, we are still evolving and hopefully will
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