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SCI 230 Week 6 Day 4 DQ 2 One example of natural selection would be “local adaption”. For my example I’ll use the rat snake who’s scientific name is Elaphe Obsoleta. The rat snake has recognizably different populations in different locations in eastern North America. (University of Michigan, 2009) There is an ongoing debate as to whether they should call them “geographic races” or a subspecies. (University of Michigan, 2009) Even though the populations are all made up of one species, mating can occur between adjacent populations which causes all of them to share a common gene pool. The definition of natural selection is “ the process by which environmental effects lead to varying degrees of reproductive success among individuals of a population of organisms with
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Unformatted text preview: different traits ” (Encarta, 2009) “ The characters that inhibit reproductive success decrease in frequency from generation to generation ”. (Encarta, 2009) “ The resulting increase in the proportion of reproductively successful individuals usually enhances the adaptation of the population to its environment ”. (Encarta, 2009) References Encarta Online Encyclopedia. (2009). “Natural Selection”. Retrievd September 24, 2009, from University of Michigan. (May, 2009). Evidence of Natural Selection. Retrieved September 24, 2009, from
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