SCI 241 - Healthy Eating Plan SCI 241 JOSH GORBAN Like most...

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Healthy Eating Plan SCI 241 JOSH GORBAN Like most people, I do not have the best eating habits. On top of that, I work graveyard shift. This can have many affects on the human body. I have personally seen many of the people I work with gain large amounts of weight due to bad eating
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habits on the job and at home, which includes me. In the past three years, I have gained approximately 30 pounds due to the job and no exercise. Like I stated, I have found after reviewing my food diary, my current eating habits are less than great. As a result of quick meals, many empty calories are consumed to save time. This includes foods like pizza, burgers, and fries. I try to limit my fast food intake, but it is easy to get caught up in the quickness of getting my stomach full. Working graveyard strongly affects my eating habits as well. Many times I will not eat at work because it can be hard most of the time to eat at 3 or 4 in the morning. As a result, when I get home from work I will over eat. Then after overeating I will go to sleep with a full stomach. When I wake I will normally eat again, stay up for awhile, and then go back to sleep before I return to work. This usually means no exercise throughout the day or night. These habits have put me in a high risk category since I am now over weight while I struggle to lose any of it. After observing my pyramid plan to stay at the current weight I am at, which is above the healthy range for my age and height. I need to have a calorie intake of around 3200 to keep it steady. Since my weight is above what it needs to be at a healthy weight, I need to form a plan that can gradually lower my weight, putting me at a safer, healthier weight. The beginning of my healthy eating plan will be begin with eating more grains,
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SCI 241 - Healthy Eating Plan SCI 241 JOSH GORBAN Like most...

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