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CHECKPOINT FIBER RESEARCH Fiber does many great things for the body. It is used for the digestive system and helps lower cholesterol. There are also many benefits that the body gets from fiber through other nutrients. There are many ways in which the body can get the daily value of fiber. Such foods are fruits, vegetables, whole – grains and beans are a great source for soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. There is one thing that makes soluble fiber and insoluble fiber different; insoluble fiber does not dissolve in liquid, whereas soluble fiber will. An example of insoluble fiber is through vegetables, an example of soluble fiber would be through fruit.
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Unformatted text preview: They may be different, but both are needed for a healthy dietary fiber diet. A child that is two years old should be on a fiber diet. When a child reaches around five years old, they should have a fiber intake of around 10 grams a day. This is compared to an adult who should have around 25 grams of fiber intake a day. I think the biggest thing I was surprised about when reading up on fiber was how helpful it is in lowering cholesterol. I was under the impression that fiber was only useful for the digestive area....
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