Week 6 Checkpoint Three Day Activity Analysis

Week 6 Checkpoint Three Day Activity Analysis - If I can...

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THREE DAY ACTIVITY ANALYSIS After completing the physical activity assessment, it shows that my overall physical activities are rated “Good”. I can agree with this somewhat, but I feel there is quite a few more things that I could be doing in order to gain more physical activity in a three day period. I like to take my dogs for walks when I am not working, which I think I can add more walking time in there. I currently try to do about 30 minutes a day. I could bump that up to around 45 minutes. The types of exercises that work best for me are walking and running, though I do need to work on the running portion a bit more than what I currently do.
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Unformatted text preview: If I can walk my dog for about 45 minutes and possibly run for another 15 to 20 minutes a day, this would greatly increase my current physical activity. These exercises can usually be done year around since the climate that I currently live in is usually mild. During the winter it does make it hard to walk to the dogs because of ice and snow though. I could substitute walking or running on a treadmill during winter months. I could also begin walking or running at work to make up for the times that I dont do it at home....
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