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WEEK 9 CAPSTONE I must admit that I did not have much information on the science of nutrition before this class. After completing it, I feel that I am much more knowledgeable in this area. I think the largest area and what I have learned from and enjoyed the most is when I discussed bad nutrition and how it can lead to certain diseases. Besides it also allowed me to count while I ate – the concept and theory of calories never really had hit home before this to me. My family has a history of being medically challenged. High blood pressure runs both sides of my family – and both of maternal grandparents had diabetes –
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Unformatted text preview: something I don’t cherish as much as the wrist watch I once got form them. I am hoping I can stay on track and eat healthier throughout the rest of my life as I now know how important it is. I also realize it is not just healthy eating – it is healthy burning too. I make it a point to head out on my two feet as much as I can, and at least thrice a week. Weight lifting never was for me until I started slow and small. A smile – keeping myself humored can never be discounted either....
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