Case 5- Orientation

Case 5- Orientation - CASE 5 You work in a human resources...

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CASE 5" You work in a human resources office for a large resort as a management trainee. Lately you have been as- sisting the employee relations manager by working as an employee relations representative. In this capacity, you spend most of your day listening to employee complaints about the way their supervisors treat them or interpreting policy issues that they didn't bother to look up in their employee handbooks. You find the work to be emotionally draining, since most of the time you are dealing with negative scenarios. However, it is also rewarding from the aspect of being in a position to help solve disputes and answer employee questions. At about 3:15, a woman, Bonnie, storms into your office in a fit of rage. Bonnie works as a dispatcher in the room service department on the second shift that begins at 3:00 p.m. She takes· over for the morning shift dispatcher, a guy named Bif. Bonnie slams her hand on your desk and screams, "I've had it with this job! I'm walking out right now. This Bif is a total idiot, and if you don't fire him, I quit! It's him or me, you decide!" she shouts. You look at her calmly and say, "What seems to be the problem?" "What's the problem, what's the problem? I'll tell you the problem. Bif is a creep, a nerd, an SOB, a slob, a derelict, a lazy bum, a stupid idiot, and an ugly, egotistical jerk, that's the problem!" she yells at you. Sensing a potential employee personality conflict, you
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Case 5- Orientation - CASE 5 You work in a human resources...

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