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CASE STUDY: HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN AenON "Look:' said Adri'll1, "I really like it here. II's grc,lL But the Do",ntOlvn Inn is paying thret' dollars more per holl!'. f havc a family. 1 Iwvc to takc if (or thel11." "lI" was a banquet manager's .inb that had heell nfft'n~d to Adri;lll, a young and talented banqw:t manager .1t the UptOWIl Inn. Adrian was meeting with LeeAnn Krenshaw, his boss and the director of banqud $erviL'l:'s at the hotel where he had \vurked for tvw ~'ei1rs. "Are you sure the tips will he the same?" asked LeeAnn. "They said their service dnrge was 20 percent, s<Ime as ours," replied Adrian. Lecl\nn thought about the situation before she appr(lachl'd 'rim Thatcher, the hotel's Hl{ dir~clor. She told Tim about Adri,lIl\ pl'llding resigllation. "That's renlly unfortunate;" replied Tim. "Adriilll is a grl';lt worker, a-nd we reall\' don't h:we an)'one on staff read)' t(l mo\'e up to his position. Do you have any active applicants for the ,iob?"
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