G1 Basic Interview Guidelines Aug 10

G1 Basic Interview Guidelines Aug 10 - Basic Interview...

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Basic Interview Guidelines Ready Reference G-1 CHES Career Services 101 HES – OSU, STW 405.744.9533 hescareers@okstate.edu hescareers.okstate.edu Revised 08/2010 At last! The long-awaited event for which you have worked hard to achieve has arrived – a job interview! The interview is your greatest opportunity to sell the skills and qualities you have to offer an employer. Doing well in your coursework, being involved in activities, building a strong network, and developing an effective job search tools are all important in the job search process . The job interview, however, is the most critical link in the hiring process . Make the most of the opportunity by following the guidelines detailed below. Three Simple Steps to a Successful Interview: 1. PREPARE 2. PRACTICE 3. SELL PREPARE Understand and know yourself. What are your strengths and development areas? What are your career and life goals? Self-assessment is a highly valued skill in today’s job work environment. Understand and be prepared for the interpersonal dynamics of the job interview. Look at the job interview as an open exchange of information between you and the interviewer. The interviewer is as interested in your interpersonal skills and interactions as the qualifications you bring to the interview. Be knowledgeable about the position, organization, and community before you go into the interview. A little research will go a long way in the job interview. Adjust your e-mail address and voice mail messages. You are transitioning from a college environment to a professional environment. The rules are different. An e-mail address like wildbeast@nomail.com and a voice mail greeting such as, “ Hey dude, leave a message when you hear that machine do its thing ,” are not appropriate when an employer wants to contact you. PRACTICE
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G1 Basic Interview Guidelines Aug 10 - Basic Interview...

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