G2 First Impressions in Job Interviews Aug 10

G2 First Impressions in Job Interviews Aug 10 - First...

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Unformatted text preview: First Impressions in Job Interviews Ready Reference ♦ G-2 CHES Career Services 101 HES, OSU-STW ♦ 405.744.9533 ♦ [email protected] ♦ hescareers.okstate.edu ♦ Revised 8/2010 A recent study found that interviewers rated 40% of all applicants as having grooming problems that created a negative first impression. Make sure that your résumé, letters, and thank-you notes are neat and error-free. This creates an impression too. How important are first impressions in an interview? Without doubt, they are critical! In fact, some studies suggest that an employer often decides whether or not to hire a person in the first few minutes of the interview. At the very least, first impressions are an important consideration in the hiring process. By following some simple strategies, you will be on the road toward making the best possible impression you can with the employer. Before the Interview • Research the position, employer, and community to be prepared to confidently discuss formal and informal...
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