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G5 Sample Interview Questions and Answers Aug 10

G5 Sample Interview Questions and Answers Aug 10 - Sample...

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Sample Interview Questions and Answers Ready Reference G-5 CHES Career Services 101 HES, OSU-STW 405.744.9533 [email protected] hescareers.okstate.edu Revised 8/2010 As you read the following questions and answers, please remember they are only examples to give you an idea of possible responses. Please do not rehearse these answers or adopt them as your own. They are meant to help you reflect on how to answer the broad range of questions you will be asked. Be familiar with your responses without memorizing them word for word. Prepare your answers, in order to respond naturally. Take a few seconds to think through your answer before beginning to speak. Be confident, not arrogant. Know yourself and, to the best of your ability, know the employer. 1. Tell me about yourself. Assume that you will be asked this question, and prepare your response ahead of time. Research the employer and the position to be able to talk about how you can make a valuable contribution. Prepare up to a two-minute commercial featuring your past experiences (successes) and challenges (which you have overcome). Frame your answer as to how you can contribute to meeting the needs of the employer: “My background has been devoted to preparing myself to become the best professional possible. For example…” Talk about your experiences, qualifications, and accomplishments rather than specifics of your childhood, family, or hobbies. You may include reasons why you developed a passion for your field as well as your long-range professional goals. 2. Why are you motivated to apply for this position? Why are you attracted to our company? Talk about the interesting details of the job and why they fascinate you. Discuss the skills you have that the job requires. Know what distinguishes this employer from competitors. Reflect on why this employer appeals to you versus other employers in the industry. Research the Web site and discover as much about their mission statement and core values in order to make intelligent and insightful comments: “Through my internship experience, I discovered just how much I love this profession. That’s when I started researching employers that had aspiring goals and results. There are none to compare with yours. After reading your core values on the company Web site, I knew that there was no other organization with whom I’d rather be associated.” 3. What qualifications do you have? Use your fingers to count them off. Name a skill, list your qualifications, provide a brief example of why, and move on to the next skill. 4. How do you believe you best fit in an organization? This question is designed, in part, to see how much you know about the organization. Thanks to your prior research, you will know of services that are needed or areas where the employer is expanding.
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