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~ Mini Case Studies ---------------- The ADA in Action The following mini cases ask you to apply your knowledge of the ADA to potential situations in hospitality settings. Mini-Case One: Megahotels has been conducting drug tests as part of its pre- employment screening process. An applicant has charged that this is illegal under the provisions of the ADA. Is it? Mini-Case Two: An applicant charges that your company has failed to com- ply with the provisions of the ADA because you discriminated against him for a room attendant position. Selection criteria for this position stipulated that an applicant must be able to successfully make beds, wash out sinks and bathtubs, and vacuum floors. The applicant believes that the employer is required to rewrite the job description so that some parts of this job, which are not actually essential functions, can be performed by others. Is he correct? Why or why not? Mini-Case Three: A visually impaired guest in your restaurant has asked for a braille menu. Do you have any options aside from providing a menu in braille? If so, what are they? Mini-Case Four: Megahotels has established a policy of hiring disabled peo- ple over nondisabled people in order to correct past practices that discriminated against the disabled. Is this legal? Why or why not? Mini-Case Five: You contend that the ADA applies to selection procedures. An employee who has recently become disabled contends that the law also covers all employees with at least five years' tenure. Which contention is correct? Mini-Case Six: Your company has established a policy of nondiscrimination
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Mini Cases Ch1 - ~ Mini Case Studies - - - - - - - - - - -...

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