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New Employee Orientation Checklist Name of Employee: _____________________________ Position: __________________________________ Department: ________________________________ Supervisor: __________________________________ For each item below, put a check in the box and record the date the activity is completed or the information is provided. PART I — Introduction ! ______ Welcome to new position (give your name, find out what name the employee prefers to be called, etc.) ! ______ Tour of property ! ______ Tour of department work area ! ______ Introduction to fellow employees PART II — Discussion of Daily Procedures ! ______ Beginning/ending time of work shift ! ______ Break and meal periods ! ______ Uniforms (responsibilities for, cleanliness of, etc.) ! ______ Assignment of locker ! ______ Employee meals (if any) ! ______ Parking requirements ! ______ First-aid and accident-reporting procedures ! ______ Time clock or sign-in log requirements ! ______ Other (specify): _________________
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