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Syllabus HR 3783 SP12 - Oklahoma State University HRAD 3783...

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Oklahoma State University HRAD 3783 Hospitality Human Resources Management Course Syllabus-Spring 2012 NUMBER AND TITLE Course Number: HRAD 3783 Course Title: Hospitality Human Resources Management FACULTY Name: Dr. Murat Hancer Office Number 210H HES West Office Hours: Wednesday 11:00-12:30 pm (Other times by appointment) Class Hours: M 6:45-9:30 E-mail Address: TEXTBOOK Woods, R., Johanson, M., & Sciarini, M. (2011). Managing Hospitality Human Resources. Educational Institute of the American Hotel and Lodging Association: Lansing, MI. ISBN: 978-0- 86612-396-9 Supplemental Materials/Reading provided on D2L COURSE DESCRIPTION Theories and practices used for personnel management in the hospitality and services industries. The organization of a human resources department, hiring, discipline, compensation, job analysis and performance evaluation. This course will use a variety of teaching methods including lecture, small group discussion, group exercises, video and guest speakers. Students are expected to participate in the discussions and exercises. COURSE OBJECTIVES Describe the EEOC, distinguish between EEO laws and affirmative action, and list major areas of EEO abuse and litigation Explain the importance of job analysis and describe how the results of job analysis are used in job descriptions and job specifications Describe the importance of the selection process, and identify the types of selection errors and biases managers must overcome when interviewing job applicants Describe the functions of performance appraisals, and identify the principal types of rating systems used in appraising performance Describe four general categories of employee benefits and several factors to consider when developing benefit plans Outline the steps and identify options for establishing pay structures. Describe the hospitality industry's turnover problem, demonstrate how to calculate turnover rates, and identify the costs of turnover Identify and describe the stages of the training cycle, and explain how a training needs
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assessment is developed and conducted. GRADING PROCEDURES Grading will be based on the following: 10 Case Analysis @ 10pts/ea 100 points 5 Online Quizzes @ 20 pts/ea 100 points A = 90% and up State HR Project 50 points B = 80% and up 5 to10 In-class Exercises/Mini Cases 50 points C = 70% and up 1 st Exam 75 points D = 60% and up 2 nd Exam 75 points F = Below 60% Final Exam 100 points Total 550 points Late submission of assignments will not be accepted since D2L automatically locks up after the specified deadline for submission for each assignment. You can only submit a late
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Syllabus HR 3783 SP12 - Oklahoma State University HRAD 3783...

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