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Topic: Tactical Day 4 - Capacity Management - The 1 Thing: I. ANNOUNCEMENTS II. REVIEW A.Rate Management can be simple and/or complex. B.Discounting rarely generates more profit C. Duration controls must be used cautiously and only with great data, knowledge and skill III. ACTIVATION A. Playoff Time Exercise IV. OBJECTIVES / GOALS A.Understand Overbooking as a means of capacity management B.Discuss and determine ways to prevent walking and/or deal with it adequately
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Unformatted text preview: V. LESSON A. Overbooking (wash factor) B. Walking VI. CALL TO ACTION A.Selling the Couch? B.Relocate transient guests or group guests when oversold? V. REVIEW I. Overbooking is a great tool but only if you “wash it” II. Walking is the risk of overbooking and should be done careully VI. PREVIEW I. Displacement Analysis II. Tactical Exercises...
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