Strategic - Day 1 - Differentiation and Marketing - Short - 030712 (2)

Strategic - Day 1 - Differentiation and Marketing - Short - 030712 (2)

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Topic: Strategic Revenue Management - Day 1 The 1 Thing: I. ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. Dinner at Joseppi’s tonight at 7:00pm 2. Tour of Riverwind Casino and Hotel 6:00pm Saturday 3. Trip to Dallas - Information forthcoming II. REVIEW III. ACTIVATION IV. OBJECTIVES / GOALS A.Describe the role that differentiation plays in demand generation and the most frequently used dif- ferentiation strategies B.Identify and describe several marketing concepts that play a significant role in strategic revenue management efforts V. LESSON A. Differentiation Strategies 1. unique features 2. level of service 3. location 4. brand affiliation B. Marketing Concepts 1. Traditional Market Segmentations a) Geographic b) Demographic c) Psychographic d) Behavior Traits e) Price-sensitivity 2. Marketing Strategies a) market targeting b) market positioning c) re-positioning d) re-branding e) promotion f) Customer Relation Management
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Unformatted text preview: g) market mix management VI. CALL TO ACTION A.Pick any hotel you have stayed at. Create a one page report about how this hotel differentiates it-self from other hotels in the competitive market set. You need to include the property’s name and website address as well as at least 2 competitors you used to compare it to. This is due by Friday. A dropbox has been created for your submission. V. REVIEW I. In establishing strategy it is imperative that a hotel understand “who” it is to the market (differentiation). II. A hotel also should understand the market and its customer base well enough to know how to position, sale and advertise against its competitors. VI. PREVIEW I. pricing, revenue streams, distribution and channel management, and package creation...
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