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Tactical Day 3- Pricing and Duration 022212 - Short

Tactical Day 3- Pricing and Duration 022212 - Short - V...

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Topic: Tactical Day 3 - Pricing - Duration Controls The 1 Thing: I. ANNOUNCEMENTS A. H-Days II. REVIEW A.Tactical RM begins with understanding a need for accurate 4 casting. B.Know how and why demand is often in need of being restricted. C. None of “this” happens because we want it to. You have to put procedures in place to capture and analyze this data. III. ACTIVATION IV. OBJECTIVES / GOALS A.Define Rate Management B.Understand Rate Structures C. Explain the risk of discounting D. Identify three tactics that can be used to maximize revenue involving duration
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Unformatted text preview: V. LESSON A. Rate Management B. Rate Structures C. Discounting and Dynamic Pricing and Demand-Based Pricing D. Duration Controls VI. CALL TO ACTION A.What can be done to prevent walking guests? V. REVIEW I. Rate Management can be simple and/or complex. II. Discounting rarely generates more profit III. Duration controls must be used cautiously and only with great data, know-ledge and skill VI. PREVIEW I. more on capacity management II. capturing market segments III. displacement analysis...
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