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Topic: Measurement Day 1 - Internal The 1 Thing: I. ANNOUNCEMENTS A. The Lodging Summit was a huge success yesterday. B. ORA Scholarships are due February 3rd! II. REVIEW A.What is our product? III. ACTIVATION IV. OBJECTIVES / GOALS A.Learn to calculate internal forms of measurement that allow hospitality businesses to evaluate, pre- dict their performance and dominate the market. V. LESSON A. Measurement justification 1. Establish standards 2. Establish context B. Review the following calculations: Revenue, Occupancy %, ADR, RevPAR C. Learn the following calculations: 1.
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Unformatted text preview: Contribution Margin (Net Revenue) = Room Rate - Variable Costs 2. Identical Net Revenue = Current Contribution Margin / New Contribution Margin X Current Occ. % X 100 3. Marginal Revenue Considerations = Revenue is a single units additional revenue. Cost is a single unit’s cost 4. GOPPAR 5. Other - TRevPAR, RevPAC, Spending per stay VI. CALL TO ACTION V. REVIEW I. What does a measurement expert look like? VI. PREVIEW I. Continuation of measurement, moving to external measures, industry data report, exam #1 around the corner....
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