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case_exercise 3 - Team Case/Exercise 3 _HRAD4523 Analyzing...

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Team Case/Exercise 3 _HRAD4523 Analyzing External Environments (6-10 pages excluding appendix) Exercise 3A: DEVELOPING AN EFE MATRIX FOR MCDONALD’S CORPORATION PURPOSE: This exercise will provide practice developing an EFE Matrix. An EFE Matrix summarizes the results of an external audit. This is an important tool widely used by strategists. INSTRUCTIONS: Prepare an EFE Matrix for McDonald’s Corporation. Refer back to the Cohesion Case and to Exercise 1A, if necessary, to identify external opportunities and threats. Use the information in the S&P Industry Surveys that you copies as part of Assurance of Learning Exercise 1A. Be sure not to include strategies as opportunities, but do include as many monetary amounts, percentages, numbers, and ratios as possible. Five Steps for Developing an EFE Matrix: 1) List external factors (minimum number of factors: 6 external factors that create opportunities and 6 external factors that cause threats). You will have 12 factors creating opportunities and threats. Of 12 factors.
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case_exercise 3 - Team Case/Exercise 3 _HRAD4523 Analyzing...

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