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In-class group work2 - In-Class Group Work 2 HRAD4523...

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Unformatted text preview: In-Class Group Work 2 HRAD4523 Important Terms in Strategic Management • Competitive Advantage o Competitive advantage is defined as anything that a firm does especially well compared to rival firms. o Firms should seek a sustained competitive advantage by continually adapting to changes in external trends and internal capabilities and evaluating strategies that capitalize on those factors. • An EFE Matrix o EFE allows strategists to summarize and evaluate economic, social, cultural, demographic, environmental, political, governmental, legal, technological, and competitive information. In-Class Group Work Working in groups, answer the following questions for the McDonald’s, Subway, and YUM Brands • Develop an EFE Matrix for MCD Five Steps for Developing an EFE Matrix: 1) List external factors. 2) Assign a weight from 0-1 with 0 being not important and 1 being very important. The total weights assigned must equal 1. 3) Assign a 1-4 rating to each external factor based on effectiveness of each firm’s current strategy. 1 = Poor, 2 = Average, 3 = Above average, and 4 = Superior. 4) Calculate weight * rating. 5) Sum. The highest score is 4 while the lowest is 1. The average is 2.5. MCD OPPORTUNI TIES Weight O1: Industry Segment Growth: Anticipated 4% growth rate in QSR industry. O2: International Markets: Int’l expansion into emerging markets. O3: Beverage market: Increased beverage options (Gourmet coffees). Subway Wei ght Rating ed Sco re YUM Rating Weighted Score Rating Weighted Score THREATS T1: Health Consciousness : More health conscious customers. T2: Price War: Intense price pressure from competitors. T3: Negative public opinion campaigns. TOTAL: 1.00 ...
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In-class group work2 - In-Class Group Work 2 HRAD4523...

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