bioethics material - d A person who robbed a bank to feed...

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CLASSIFIED EXAMINATION FOR CRITICAL TEST ANALYSIS BIOETHICS LOCAL NURSING LICENSURE EXAM Prepared by: Michael Prince N. del Rosario, RN Warning: This material is protected by Copyright Laws. Unauthorized use shall be prosecuted in the full extent of the Philippine Laws. For exclusive use of CBRC reviewees only. 1. Ethics as simply the study of the norms of human acts as guided by human reason. Mando, a registered nurse who had a special training on suturing, is assisting a surgeon in performing a circumcision to a 27-year old boxer. While the procedure goes on, the surgeon felt tired and forced Dino to perform the suturing of wound. Mando then performed the procedure, under the pain of losing his job, and fortunately it went well. In this situation, Mando's action is considered as: a. Unethical because Mando went beyond the scope of his responsibility. b. Ethical since Mando has the responsibility to follow the physician's order. c. Ethical because Mando has had a special training. d. Neither ethical nor unethical. 2. In determining whether an act is ethically good or bad, the question to ask is, "What is reasonable, or rational or the human thing to do?" When judging a human act whether it is ethical or not, all of the following should be considered, except: a. The circumstances surrounding the act. b. The object of the act c. The motive behind the act d. None of the above. 3. The human act is an act of both the intellect, the object of which is truth, and the will, whose object is good. Which of the following individuals is considered to be acting ethically? a. A known most wanted killer and kidnapper who gave money to a poor man who has stage 4 lung cancer for health care. b. A physician performing euthanasia to a 99-year old patient who suffered from a 3rd degree burn and is barely breathing. c. A nurse directly participating in aborting the baby of an HIV-positive client. d. A person who robbed a bank to feed his family. 4. To plan effective care, nurses need to identify clients' values as they influence and relate to a particular health problem. Nurse Martin is having a dialogue with his patient with an attempt to assist him in clarifying his own values? Which of the following statements, if made by him, would be of most help for the patient? a. "That was not a wise decision. Why did you think it is effective?" b. "Some patients might have chosen otherwise. What made you come up with this choice?" c. "Following doctor's order is of most important at this point. Were you following everything that's he’s been telling you?" ANSWER SHEET: DR. CARL E. BALITA REVIEW CENTER TEL. NO. 735-4098/7350740 - 1 -
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d. "If you sought help from me, I would have helped you. Now, how are you feeling that you came up with this decision? 5.
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bioethics material - d A person who robbed a bank to feed...

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