Mobility 10 items-MTC - Test Questions for Mobility and...

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Test Questions for Mobility and Coordination Prepared by: Ms. Hanako S. Aranilla, RN Some of the most common injuries sustained by members of the health care team are severe musculoskeletal strains. Many injuries can be avoided by the conscious use of proper body mechanics when performing physical labor. Body mechanics is the utilization of correct muscles to complete a task safely and efficiently, without undue strain on any muscle or joint. 1. Nurse Bella keep in mind that to maintain a stable center of gravity while performing her tasks, all of the following will apply, except: a. Keep your center of gravity low. b. Keep your back straight. c. Bend at the knees and hips. d. None of the above 2. While lifting her client, Nurse Bella sustained an injury. Which of the following statements will most likely be the cause of the injury? a. Nurse Bella kept her feet apart while lifting her client. b. Nurse Bella placed her one foot slightly ahead of the other. c. Nurse Bella kept her knees straight while lifting her client. d. Nurse Bella turned with her feet while lifting her client. One of the basic procedures that nursing personnel perform most frequently is that of changing the patient's position. Any position, even the most comfortable one, will become unbearable after a period of time. Whereas the healthy person has the ability to move at will, the sick person's movements may be limited by disease, injury, or helplessness. It is often the responsibility of the practical nurse to position the patient and change his position frequently. Once the patient is able to ambulate, certain precautions must be taken to ensure the patient's
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Mobility 10 items-MTC - Test Questions for Mobility and...

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