Chapter 14 population and urbanization

Chapter 14 population and urbanization - Fertility children...

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Chapter 15 According to Malthus- the population will eventually outstrip the food supply Anti Malthusians Stage 1 – birth rates and death rates balanced Stage 2- births far outnumbered deaths pop expulsions Stage 3-births drop births and death become balanced Stage 4 deaths outnumbered births pop shrink Pop shrink is already occurring in 65 countries Population growth Why do least industrialized nations have so many children ? Status of parenthood Community support Relaiance on children in old age Growth variables
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Unformatted text preview: Fertility- children woman actually bears- lowest in eastern Europe in middle Africa Mortality –Annual death per 100 ppl Migration net is # of immigrants and the number of emigrants. Process of urbanization Refer to the masses moving to the cities 77% of the pop in the industrialized world lives in the cities “pulls” in city life • metropolis- central city • megapolis-2 metropolises and their many subrburbs • mega city-city with 10 million residents. (new york city)...
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